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Top 10 Major Dog Supplies Every New Pet Parent Needs

By Taya Burnett 


Are you looking to become puppy mom or puppy dad? Bravo! That means you are going to take a huge responsibility and will try to do everything to make your new pet comfortable and happy in the new home. Puppies are quite sensitive to the environment and they require special attention.

Added to this, puppies like to sleep, eat, poop, make mess and play around always. Contemplating their every need, you have to ensure to suffice their every requirement at a young age as this will help them grow into healthy dogs. Provided all the necessities, puppy will soon be adjusted to the environment while growing healthy and you on the other hand would be ready for anything that comes into the path.

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Bringing Home Your New Cat or Kitten

By Gabbi Hall 


Bring a new cat or kitten into your family can be a very exciting time. You can check out different breeds to find out what traits appeals to your lifestyle. One thing to consider is that most cats have a life expectancy of 15 to 20 years. If you get a cat for your child, be sure you will be able to take responsibility for it when they go off to college or if they move and are not able to take the cat with them. Animal shelters are a good place to find a new family member and sometimes you can even find a pure bred pet. By adopting from an animal shelter, you are also saving a life as their time there is usually limited.

When you are ready to adopt a new cat or kitten, the important things you will need to have are food and water bowls, a litter box, bed, grooming tools and plenty...

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The Care & Feeding of Your Pet Parrot

By Don A Levy


Parrots can be very entertaining with the ability to mimic not only humans but other animals and even sounds. They are very intelligent and appear to enjoy interacting with humans and at times other animals. They are sensitive to their environment and sometimes picky about what they are eating. If you are thinking of obtaining one of these animals as pets, it is essential that you are knowledgeable about their care and feeding. It will not matter which of the species you select because all of them will require a well-balanced diet and proper care and grooming to be happy.

Most types of parrots are kept as pets but one of the more popular choices for pets would be the African Grey parrot because of their range of vocabulary and ability to mimic. Be sure you do your research and can commit many years of your life to your new pet parrot as most parrots live a long time with the African Grey reportedly living as long as 80 years. You not only have to be committed for the long-term, but you must be loving, attentive and have a good amount of patience to properly care for this pet.

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Is a Pet Rabbit Right For You?

By Andrew Massaro 


If you are considering purchasing or adopting a pet rabbit, you should first give careful consideration to the demands and rewards of these very special pets. Countless homes have been brightened by the presence of a long-eared lodger, and conscientious rabbit keepers have many years of fulfilling interaction and bonding to look forward to. At the same time, every year thousands of rabbits are given up to animal shelters- or worse, simply dumped in a field- by owners who did not take the time to properly educate themselves on the responsibilities of rabbit ownership. Here you can find the basic information needed to answer the question: Is a rabbit right for me?

Rabbits require daily and weekly care and maintenance, as well as a significant monetary investment. When well cared for, rabbits typically live 9-12 years, so this is a long-term commitment. Just think- if you buy a pet rabbit for your 12 year-old, the rabbit will likely still be alive when that child moves out of the home. If you simply want a pet that will amuse a young child for a little while, consider a rat or other shorter-lived creature.

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